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Walking in park
Movie: Walking in park (70.2Mb)
Total length: 4min 09sec
10 July 2005
Roller girl
Movie: Roller girl (72.2Mb)
Total length: 4min 29sec
26 June 2005
Flower glade
Movie: Flower glade (69.4Mb)
Total length: 4min 45sec
12 June 2005
My new Sketchers
Movie: My new Sketchers (58.1Mb)
Total length: 4min 08sec
29 May 2005
I am an Artist
Movie: I am a Artist (57.1Mb)
Total length: 4min 04sec
15 May 2005
I am a Bandit
Movie: I am a Bandit (58.1Mb)
Total length: 4min 10sec
1 May 2005
Movie: Receptionist (58.5Mb)
Total length: 4min 10sec
17 April 2005
I like to dance with my Teddy bear
Movie: I like to dance with my Teddy bear. (65Mb)
Total length: 3min 46sec
Rock Dancer
Movie: Rock Dancer. (55Mb)
Total length: 3min 35sec
Dancing Seamstress
Dancing Seamstress (75,9 Mb)
Total length: 5min 39sec
Movie: Schoolgirl (74.6Mb)
Total length: 4min 50sec
Sleeping Nymph
Movie: Sleeping Nymph (47Mb)
Total length: 3min 6sec
Free Dancer
Movie: Free Dancer (66.5Mb)
Total length: 4min 18sec